Teddy Munet found not guilty of murder

Teddy Munet found not guilty of murder
William Fallau
William Fallau

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A jury has found Teddy Munet not guilty of the 2012 murder of Billy Fallau.

The victim's family is devastated with the decision. They had a roller coaster ride during the trial after Munet escaped during transport to court last year, and set off a costly 11 hour manhunt.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Rodney Veary said, "They've been waiting a long time for closure in this case and have been keeping vigil during the week long deliberation so I know they must be taking it rather hard right now."

The case came down to credibility of an eyewitness who said he saw Munet shoot Fallau in the back of the head at Kawainui Park.

Veary said, "My reaction is that the sole eye witness. I guess the jury found his testimony not to be credible."

Deputy Public Director Edward Harada said, "Kaipo Octubre testified shot no more than 6 inches away, but the medical evidence contradicted that and proved his testimony was false."

The Defense says pictures showed blunt force trauma to Fallau's head, signs of a beating before the shooting.

Munet was staying with Fallau's family in Kaneohe when the 29 year old was killed. Prosecutors say Munet pulled the trigger because he was jealous about an ex-girlfriend, but the jury reached a unanimous verdict of not guilty.

Harada said, "I think the jury definitely had problem with the physical evidence which is not disputed and Kaipo's testimony which was disputable."

Veary said of the verdict, "It's disappointing. Our office feels we had the right charge and we had the supporting evidence."

Munet could get five years for not having a gun permit. That's on top of ten years he's serving for his escape at court last year that led to a costly 11 hour manhunt.

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