Local Connection: Primary Election Coverage

Local Connection: Primary Election Coverage

By: Rick Blangiardi

Well the Hawaii poll numbers are in and they are very surprising, shocking in some cases.

State Sen. David Ige has an 18-percentage-point lead over Gov. Neil Abercrombie among democratic primary voters, despite being outspent nearly ten to one.

An Ige upset would be unprecedented in Hawaii history and a jolt to the political landscape. And it would really create a wide open field for November to see who will next occupy Washington Place.

It's interesting to note that nearly half of those asked why they were voting for Ige said it was because they did not care for Abercrombie.

The race between U.S. Senator Brian Schatz and U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa is closer but hanabusa has a surprising eight point lead despite being outspent heavily by Schatz. Anything can happen in that race, because the margin of error is five percent and eight percent in the poll refused to answer or had not yet decided.

We also have spirited races for Lieutenant Governor, where Shan Tsutsui and Clayton Hee are virtually tied, and the first congressional district, where Mark Takai and Donna Kim are dead even.

We look forward to an exciting election night. Make sure to stay with Hawaii News Now for election coverage from 5 p.m. Saturday until the results are in on KGMB and KHNL.

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