Local Connection: Uncontested?

Local Connection: Uncontested?

By: Rick Blangiardi

Congratulations to J. Kalani English, Breene Harimoto, Karl Rhoads, Ty Cullen, Marcus Oshiro, Ken Ito, Cindy Evans and Romy Cachola.

All have been reelected to their State Senate and State House seats before the Aug. 9 primary.

Of course I'm not being serious. How could six state representatives and two state senators take office without any kind of a fight?

I'm not criticizing the winners (except maybe Romy Cachola who is under investigation for using public funds for personal use). 

But I'm curious as to why these races could muster neither a democratic challenger nor a republic opponent.

By the way, the GOP could not field a candidate in six senate races and 14 house seats.

There are other examples of true democracy in action. Seven people are vying for the democratic nomination to represent Hawaii's first district congressional seat in Washington.  We have competitive democratic primary races for U.S. Senate and Governor.

None of the four Honolulu City Council races have fewer than three candidates.

So it's not all bad but we could use a few more good candidates and state legislative seats should never be given to someone who just pays the entry fee, no matter how good they are.

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