Waikiki Shell parking lot to open next week

Waikiki Shell parking lot to open next week

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's a rite of passage for anyone looking for parking in Waikiki; turning into the Zoo parking lot, then continuing up Monserrat Avenue to scope out the Kapiolani Park lot.

What has also become routine: seeing the Waikiki Shell half of that latter lot completely repaved, but completely off limits.

"It's frustrating because it's open space that we could be using" said Honolulu resident Stephanie Phan.

The repaving project began in April of 2013, and will be finished before August 30th. That means the project will be completed two months ahead of schedule, and within the $3.4 million budget. However, for over a month, many stalls have been blocked off.

As it turns out, that area has been in a landscape maintenance period.

"We're constantly watering those landscaping areas. We don't want to overspray onto people's cars" said Department of Design and Construction Acting Director Mark Yonamine.

"That seems a little bit silly" said Honolulu resident Jodi Mort.

When pressed on the topic, Yonamine kept a sense of humor about it. He noted the primary reason for the area to be blocked off was so new plants and grass wouldn't be trampled before they took root. As for not spraying on cars, that was just common courtesy.

"We're just trying to be considerate. Not everybody likes their cars watered so we do have it blocked off for a bit".

The lot will reopen in time for the Okinawan Festival starting August 30.

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