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Refugees find haven in Kurd-run camp in Syria

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A child attempts to recover from a long journey trying to seek shelter from surging ISIS terrorists in Iraq. (Source: CNN) A child attempts to recover from a long journey trying to seek shelter from surging ISIS terrorists in Iraq. (Source: CNN)
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DERIK, SYRIA (CNN) - The children are wilting, sick after fleeing through the desert to escape ISIS.

But now receiving medical help at a new refugee camp in a Kurdish-controlled enclave in Syria.

The clinics are providing medical care for people coming to these camps. They say some of the most common problems they're facing are some of the little kids who they say get dehydrated due to the extreme heat. And many of them have also gotten weak during the long journey through the desert to reach this safe haven.

More than 13,000 people live in the safe haven.

Almost all of them are Kurdish yazidis from Iraq's Sinjar region.

Every tent holds a story of horror.

Khocha Rado Sayyid got separated from her son Khalid when the family fled Sinjar in panic two weeks ago. They later tried calling his cell phone.

The last time we called him, she said, ISIS said ‘we have him.’

She says the stranger on her son's phone said: Whoever we capture, we kill.

At this refugee camp, aid organizations focus on helping the living.

Distributing tents, blankets, daily meals, even soap.

Armed Kurds in uniform, many of them women, provide protection at the camp.

They call themselves the People's Protection Unit, but better known as the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or the PKK.

The U.S. and Europe accuse them of being terrorists.

But for the last year, in a corner of Syria, a leftist Kurdish militia has helped hold back ISIS violent Islamist tide.

When ISIS attacked the yazidis, the Kurdish guerillas launched a cross-border attack into Iraq.

“We attacked to protect the people. We opened a safe road to help those stuck on the mountain, and we helped bring more than 16,000 of them here to safety,” said Radur Khalil, a spokesman for the People's Protection Units.

A fighter shows posters of her comrade killed fighting ISIS. She says she trained them.

She says she’s the commander of this region.

At the camp, Kurdish volunteers deliver daily meals to hungry refugees.

And distribute ice to help them cope with the heat

Amid the commotion, a 4-year old boy falls, hurt.

Medics stitch little Adrian up as his mother weeps. Like many others here, she can barely cope.

Asia Khalef Hussein fled here with three children, pregnant with a fourth.

Her husband far away, finding work in Europe.

She wasn't ready for this war.

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