Biggest Little Airshow soars over Honolulu

PEARL HARBOR (HawaiiNewsNow) - By Taylor Preza

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor will be hosting their 6th annual Biggest Little Airshow in Hawaii this weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There will be music, food, drinks, entertainment booths, exhibits, keiki rides and lots of airplanes.

Guests will be able to drive on to Ford Island for the event, or take the free shuttle from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

Throughout the weekend Ford Island will become festive with remote-control flying aircrafts and full-size aircrafts on display. There will also be "candy Bombings," where candies will be dropped for the keiki over the Historic Ford Island Runway.

Museum Executive Director Ken Dehoff, talked about some of the activities that are available for children at the event.

"This is a family event and we want everyone to know to bring their children to come and have fun, we have places to eat, we have lots of shade, we have airplanes that you can get right up next to and touch," said Dehoff. "Like we do with our open cockpit day, we even have a couple of airplanes that you can sit in so you don't get that opportunity in many museums so this is a great fun day two day event."

Local performers, mainland pilots from the Academy of Model Aeronautics, and remote control flyers from Japan will perform remote-control aviation feats throughout the weekend, flying their massive planes in the skies above the museum.

"We have pilots that have this year come in from Japan, Massachusetts, from Illinois and from Florida just to fly here so we're expanding the air show and it's really a lot of fun," said Dehoff.

Specialty acts to be performed include: Pattern, 3-D fixed wing and helicopter aerobatic flights, South Pacific battles, "Candy Bomber" drops, and Skycam drone helicopters.

Remote control aircraft will also be in the air and on static display including jets, helicopters, F-22s, warbirds, B-17s, P-38s, Corsairs, OV-10s and more.

Dehoff mentioned how the airshow is a great opportunity for children who are interested in aviation to get a feel of what the industry is like.

"I like to think every time a child comes into the Museum, they get excited about aviation and they want to do that as a career whether it's a pilot, or a flight surgeon, or a mechanic, or even a ticket counter person for an airline... the aviation industry, the aerospace industry is probably one of the best industries to be a part of," said Dehoff.

Admission to the Airshow is $5 per person (including entry to Hangar 79), and $15 per family (limit 6 entries per family). It's free with museum general admission and free for Museum Members.

Tickets for the airshow are available online at

. Museum admissions may also be purchased at the Museum and at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center ticketing desk.

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