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Robert Bley-Vroman recommended as Interim Chancellor of UH Manoa

Dr. Robert Bley-Vroman Dr. Robert Bley-Vroman
UH President David Lassner UH President David Lassner
Tom Apple Tom Apple
MANOA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

After University of Hawaii President David Lassner handed Chancellor Tom Apple his termination papers last month, Lassner has now revealed in a statement that Apple will be joining the UH Manoa faculty as a Chemistry professor starting on September 1st.

This has left many wondering who will take the place of Chancellor Tom Apple.

"I am delighted to announce that on August 21st, I will be recommending the appointment of Dr. Robert Bley-Vroman as Interim Chancellor of UH Manoa, to be effective September 1." Lassner said.

Dr. Robert Bley-Vroman has been a faculty member at UH Manoa since 1987 and has chaired the UH Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee as a full professor of Second Language Studies. He currently serves as the Dean of the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, where he leads a high-quality program of teaching and research while also navigating daily financial challenges.

Lassner stated that he had been meeting and consulting with campus constituencies in previous weeks regarding the appointment of the new Interim Chancellor. Those meetings included the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, the Associated Students of the University of Hawaii, the Graduate Student Organization, the Kuali'i Council, the University of Hawaii Association of Research Investigators, the Council of Deans and the Vice Chancellors.

"Dr. Bley-Vroman is committed to maintaining the high standard for campus communications that our students and faculty have made it clear they expect and that we all believe they deserve." Lassner said. "We have also discussed key immediate and short-term activities that are necessary."

David Lassner added that while Dr. Bley-Vroman did not seek this position, he has agreed to assume the interim chancellorship in service to his campus. 

To read the full statement from UH President David Lassner, click HERE

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