Vandal damages Hilo ice factory

Vandal damages Hilo ice factory

HILO, Hawaii (AP) - A Hilo ice factory has shut down following vandalism that wrecked vehicles and damaged a building.

Alii Ice owner Jon Bockrath says he's laying off 13 employees and will not reopen until the person responsible goes to jail.

The Hawaii Tribune-Herald reports the damage occurred Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

The factory produces 40,000 pounds of ice daily. Ice has been in demand following Tropical Storm Iselle.

Bockrath says the plant has been limiting sales of ice to 100 pounds per customer and some people have been upset about that.

Hilo police Lt. James Gusman says police are investigating a person of interest who's in custody on another matter.

Civil Defense authorities say other vendors are trying to make up for the shortfall caused by Alii Ice's closure.

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