Stores restocking supplies after Iselle

Stores restocking supplies after Iselle
Joel Winburn
Joel Winburn

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Stores that had their supplies wiped out before Tropical Storm Iselle hit the islands are restocking and getting ready for the rest of the hurricane season.

In Iwilei, the nation's busiest Costco was slammed by Oahu residents preparing for the storm last week, as  people stocked up on water, toilet tissue and other supplies. Nearly all of those items are back on the shelves, and people are still buying.

"Batteries, flashlights, lanterns, the generators, we do have," said Iwilei general manager Joel Winburn. "The shelf-stable items, Spam, Vienna sausage, soups -- yes, it's all still selling quite well."

Winburn said that more supplies are being shipped in, but some of them are being diverted to the Big Island where they're needed more.

"We've got quite a few water containers coming on a vessel this week, and we're trying to push a few to the Kona location so they can help out with the residents over there," he said.

Wayne DeLuz of Puna was among the shoppers at Costco. He comes to Oahu often on business, and picking up more necessities before heading home to Hawaiian Paradise Park and had a shopping cart filled with lanterns, batteries and other supplies.

"All the supplies are gone on the Big Island," said DeLuz. "I was just showing you the flashlight, the duct tape -- all the basic essentials are all gone, and still are gone until they get shipping."

At the Nimitz City Mill, the shelves have been stocked with more coolers and tarps, but the store is awaiting a new shipment of bottled water. We asked Costco's Winburn if anyone has tried to return bottled water there.

"We've had a couple of instances in the last couple of days, but nothing major yet," he said. "I think people are smart enough to decide to probably keep it for the time being and use it as they need it."

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