Hawaii's top comedians remember Robin Williams

Hawaii's top comedians remember Robin Williams

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You can't help but to laugh when thinking about Mrs. Doubtfire...or Robin Williams for that matter.

The 63-year-old Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy, and SAG Award winner became a household name and an icon to Hawaii's top comedians.

"Oh yeah I think everyone remembers when the chichis went on fire. That gatta be the most hilarious thing in the world," said comedian Frank De Lima.

The comic genius died in an apparent suicide, after what his publicist called "a severe depression."

"Being a comic, and you can ask Andy Bumatai and Uncle Frank and Uncle Mel, that it's a lonely world because it's you getting onto a plane and then traveling to a city or anywhere that they bring you to and then you're making hundreds or thousands, or in Robin Williams' case, millions of people laugh," said comedian Kaleo Pilanca.

But even knowing that, Pilanca says it's hard to believe the man who made the world laugh won't be laughing anymore.

"My heart just broke instantly because he is the sensei…the master…the guy that could do drama and then turn himself into Mrs. Doubtfire," Pilanca said.

"I'm 65…I just became a tutu for real. So yeah younger than me I can't believe it," De Lima said.

Even Hawaii News Now's very own Tim Sakahara has memories of the Hollywood star back in the 90's when he was just an intern in Washington D.C.

"We get a call from the newsroom that says there's not going to be a reporter at the scene. So the photographer hands me the mic and says you're asking the questions," Sakahara said.

Take one guess who the first celebrity was to walk down the red carpet.

"Robin Williams...it's a memory I'll never forget," said Sakahara.

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