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Scammers targeting businesses with Toledo Edison information

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A new scam is costing local businesses hundreds of dollars. Maumee Police say someone has been calling local businesses and posing as a representative from Toledo Edison.

The caller asks for an immediate payment with a Green Dot Card and threatens to shut the power off if people don't comply.

"We have had many reports of this going on," said Dick Eppstein from the Better Business Bureau. "Businesses are put in a very serious crisis when a call like this comes and they must not fall for it."

How do these scammers do it? What makes them sound so believable?

It turns out anyone can access basic account information like your balance and last payment through an automated phone system Toledo Edison has.  All you need to access that information is the company's address or phone number.

Toledo News Now called Toledo Edison to see if they were aware of the scam and what's being done on their end to stop it.  Representatives say they just put a new security system in place about three months ago that uses caller ID to track who's accessing information. If the same phone number tries to access more than one account, it's immediately blocked.

Toledo Edison representatives say they will never ask you to pay with a Green Dot Card and the Better Business Bureau says those cards are often involved in scams.

"If somebody says to you, ‘We have to have you go to the drug store to buy the Green Dot Card,' that's ridiculous. Don't fall for it," Eppstein said.

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