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Savannah residents kayak flooded streets


"Baldwin Lake" residents made the best of a bad situation, taking to kayaks as heavy rain flooded the streets over the weekend.

Savannah Alderwoman Mary Osborne has been living in Baldwin Park for decades and says the flooding is nothing new. Neither is residents' tendency to take to the neighborhood's streets in boats – giving Baldwin its "lake" nickname.

As the city continues efforts to install massive underground pipes to drain the streets, Osborne asked her neighbors, "to continue to be patient and cooperative."

Patience is wearing thin for clogged storm drains and flooding upending trash cans, strewing garbage across the neighborhood.

"A whole case of some kind of beer bottles floated down the street," Baldwin resident and filmmaker Liz Kaiser said.

Still Kaiser made the best of it, teaming up with her business partner, Kyle Maddux-Lawrence, to film their neighbor, Andy Suess, padding through the massive concrete pipes that line the streets while the new drainage system is built.

Maggie Rickenbaker lost two cars in Saturday's flooding.

"The water came in so fast that by the time I realized I needed to move the cars, it was already too late," she said.

But that wasn't enough to sink Rickenbaker's spirits, or the kayak she paddled around Baldwin Park.

City leaders hope that construction project will wrap up on schedule around the end of the year – draining "Baldwin Lake" once and for all.

Check out video of Andy Suess kayaking Baldwin here: 

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