Candidates conduct last minute sign waving and get out the vote efforts

Candidates conduct last minute sign waving and get out the vote efforts

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In the aftermath of Hurricane Iselle, concerns are being raised that Hawaii's already lowest in the nation voter turnout could tumble even more.

Democratic candidates in the tightly contested Congressional District 1 primary spent a full day sign waving and urging their supporters by email and social media to head to the polls.

"We are cautiously optimistic but you never can tell. With the storm the past couple days ... voter turnout is depressed a little bit," Takai said.

"We need to make sure that every single voter who is going to vote for us actually gets to the polls."

State Sen. Donna Mercado Kim, who also is running for Congress, added:

"My base hopefully will all turn out. Again, it's on the voter turnout and who comes out at the polls," said Kim.

Meanwhile, Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who is facing a real battle in the primary, went back to his Manoa roots where he held signs.

"You see, right there I'm with friends. My friend Lono said we met on this corner 42 years ago when were starting out," Abercrombie said.

"So I'm filled with joy and gratitude for all the support and all the friends and all the aloha."

State Sen. David Ige -- who leads Abercrombie in the most recent polls -- made campaign stops from Waipahu to Kahala.

"We have seen in the last eight to 10 weeks a dramatic change in the campaign. More and more people are joining us. The events are getting more exciting, people are joining every single day," Ige said.

As of 11 a.m., election officials said that about 6 percent of eligible, walk-in voters had gone to the polls. Walk-in voters account for nearly half of all ballots cast statewide, with absentee voters accounting for the rest.

There were some minor inconveniences but election officials said voting went relatively smoothly.

"There were probably eight people in line and they were separated by names and initials ... So it was easy," said Manoa resident Larry Fee.

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