Iselle can't dampen vacation vibe

Iselle can't dampen vacation vibe

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow)

Tourism officials estimate Waikiki averages upwards of 70,000 tourists a day.

They spend a lot of money to come here. And they get a storm warning dumped in their laps.

"It was a concern, especially when we got a letter underneath our door saying, ''Eat breakfast and hang out a the hotel and don't go to the ocean,'" Las Vegas resident Erika Kittredge said.

You might think Iselle really fouled up many vacationers plans. But folks we spoke with had a sunny outlook. The Kittredge's saved up for a Hawaii holiday, so even Iselle couldn't curb their enthusiasm.

"We're having fun. I know back home in Vegas it's hot as heck. I'd still rather be here right now. Everyone is safe and having fun," Adonis Kittredge said.

Friday's light sprinkles brought out umbrellas but couldn't keep Raewyn Cameron and her husband from taking their camera down to the shore to snap shots of beachgoers enjoying the ocean to take home to New Zealand.

"I can't believe they're swimming and surfing in a storm," Cameron said.

Eggs 'n Things opened later than usual because of Iselle's expected impact. Manager Damian Zukeran had a huge crowd of hungry visitors.

"They don't have many options," he said. "Some of the places are closed and are probably going to be closed all day."

Some shops along Kalakaua Avenue sandbagged their storefronts and hung out "closed" signs. But in one example of aloha for tourists that went above and beyond, the chef and staff at Outrigger Resorts Embassy Suites woke up at 4 a.m. to put together 1,000 breakfast bentos for their guests.

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