Gas station pumps emptied

Gas station pumps emptied as Iselle approaches
Chris Tanaka reports
Chris Tanaka reports

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Across Oahu, there were several reports of gas station pumps running dry ahead of the arrival of Iselle.

At the Aloha Gas on Vineyard, two grades were sold out by midday Thursday.

"We've probably never experienced the run that we've had in the last couple days. It's been like double the business of most of our stations" said Larry Adams, Director of Sales and Marketing for Aloha Petroleum.

Adams explained that the demand at the pump was exceeding supply, causing the closure of not only his stations, but other brands as well.

Fortunately, just because the pumps are empty, it doesn't mean Hawaii's gas supply is low.

"Our inventory supplies are good. The reason you're seeing some stations in the marketplace closed is because the demand is so accelerated that stations are running out faster than our abilities to make deliveries to them" Adams said.

Adams said Aloha Petroleum has two main distribution centers for the state, both located on Oahu. While barges transporting gas to the neighbor islands are moored due to the storms, all islands have enough reserves at their distribution hubs to last through the weekend.

Additionally, he said that it's standard policy for all company owned stations to offer regular-grade prices for premium-grade gas if regular runs out.

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