Waikiki residents and tourists prepare for Iselle

Waikiki residents and tourists prepare for Iselle

Marji and Hank Hankins have survived six hurricane and tsunami scares, three tornadoes and several earthquakes.

So, the Waikiki couple said they're better prepared than most for this week's dual storms.

Marji said she and her husband have an adequate supply of batteries, bottled water and canned foods. They also set up plans to evacuate to their son's home in Kailua if the storm gets really bad.

"We've weathered a few storms here," said Marji.

"But you can never be over prepared."

The couple were among the 70 seniors who attended a hurricane preparedness meeting held by city emergency officials at the Waikiki Community Center on Tuesday.

Roger Couture, also of Waikiki, said he's weathered a number of storms in recent years.

"I felt prepared ... but then after coming to the meeting, I said 'wait a minute, what about this, what about that,'" he said.

"We live on the 24th floor and I found out the hard way that without an elevator 24 floors is a walk."

During yesterday's meeting, city emergency officials handed out a number of tips on how to weather the storm. They urged seniors to take the following steps:

-- Set up a family disaster plan;

-- Have an off-island emergency information contact;

-- Put together a first-aid kit;

-- Have enough food and water supplies to last seven days.

"A lot of seniors are independent living by themselves. We ask right now that they prepare some kind of family support or friends support system to work with them," said John Cummings, spokesman for the City Department of Emergency Management.

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