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Business Report: The richest people in each state

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

You may have seen this map showing the richest person in each state. Recently, it's been all over the internet.

It came from a real estate blog called Movoto.

Three states don't have any resident billionaires. The richest people living in Alaska, Maine and Delaware are only worth hundreds of millions of dollars - heck, they probably put on their own pants.

Some of these, you can guess - Bill Gates in Washington state, Warren Buffett in Nebraska, Walmart's Jim Walton in Arkansas, Nike co-founder Phil Knight in Oregon, L.L. Bean founder Leon Gorman in Maine, and the richest man in California is Larry Ellison.

For us regular folks, it's not how many billions these super-rich folks have, but whether they spend it in ways that affect us.

Ebay founder Pierre Omidiyar, the richest man in Hawaii, spends money on investigative journalism. Virginia's richest woman, Jacqueline Mars of the Mars candy bar fortune, spends big on music and the arts. The Koch brothers of Kansas fund the Tea Party.

By the way, the Koch brothers are actually the richest men in Kansas and New York, and Sam Walton heirs are the richest people in Arkansas and Texas and Wyoming.

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