Elections officials test ballot counters

Elections officials test ballot counters

The Office of Elections conducted a test of the absentee ballot counters on Saturday morning, checking the accuracy and looking for any faulty hardware.

Representatives from political parties, civic and community groups were there to oversee the tests, as officials confirmed its accuracy.

"Official observers have test ballots that they're going to run through the machine to get their known results out," said Chief Elections Officer Scott Nago.

"But the other part of it is the staff gets to know what they're going to be doing on election day, what they're going to face, where they gotta be, they're in the right spots and positioned at the right time," he added.

The Office of Elections is still looking for election day volunteers, who will get a small stipend for helping out. You can sign up at hawaii.gov/elections.

Now one week away from election day, Saturday is the deadline to mail in your request for an absentee ballot.

If you received a ballot by mail, officials need your completed form by 6 p.m. next Saturday for your vote to be counted. 

And don't forget, you can still do early walk-in voting until Thursday, August 7. 

We've posted all the locations statewide here on hawaiinewsnow.com.

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