Jack Johnson wraps up tour with shows at Waikiki Shell

Jack Johnson wraps up tour with shows at Waikiki Shell

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Jack Johnson is wrapping up his latest tour with a stop in Waikiki. It's a homecoming of sorts for the North Shore musician who has just returned from Japan, on the long way home from around the world.

Hawaii News Now got to speak with Johnson between soundchecks at the Shell on Thursday. He was getting ready for two sold-out shows on Friday and Saturday.

"We learned from being out with people like Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, like different bands like that," Johnson said. "We took a lot of ideas they had from their shows and then we just tried to really fine tune it here."

Since it's Jack Johnson, it's all about going green: free water fill ups for reusable bottles, composting, biofuel for everything, locally grown food and vendors, and even a bike valet service.

"I think it's a fantastic idea, yeah," a concertgoer said. "It makes things a lot easier for everybody to just pull up your bike and you know exactly where it is."

Tom Flores, executive director of GreenFleet Hawaii, said bikers will get a claim ticket and staff will lock up their wheels during the show.

"You can't leave your slippers at a house and then leave with better slippers, same with the bikes," Flores said. "It's very secure. We do have people's information via the database once they enter it in, and security questions, so we take all measures to make sure that the barricade keeps them safe."

With nine solo albums and nearly 40 soundtracks and compilation projects to his credit, Johnson has lots of music to share with his hometown crowd. Since he gave Kamaaina a first crack at tickets, it'll be a Kamaaina vibe in Waikiki.

"Hopefully people just walk away from the show having a good time," Johnson said. "First and foremost, it's a music show, and people should walk away feeling good and having fun, but hopefully the younger generation especially, they come and get some new ideas about things they might want to apply to their lives."

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