Shell service station in Kahala to undergo major changes

Shell service station in Kahala to undergo major changes
Madeleine Snow
Madeleine Snow

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A long time service station in the Kahala community is about to undergo some major changes.

The Shell Service Station on Waialae Avenue has offered gas, car washes, a convenience store and repair services for more than 34 years to the community, but now the repair shop is scheduled to close and the convenience store will have a new owner.

Shell's "rapid Lube" service garage will close it's doors Thursday, July 31st, and by the end of August, Shell's management, staff, and operations will be under Aloha Petroleum Gas.

No word yet on if the new owners will reinstate Shell's service garage.

"We've enjoyed serving the community and we'll miss them as they'll miss us," said Madeleine Snow, the service station's owner.

Thirty-seven employees currently work at the service station, some of whom have found employment at other locations and industries. Snow hopes that the new management sees values in retaining majority of the workers.

"We hope that they retain all of our good employees who will be staying because they have good customer relations," said Snow. "For all the customers that come, to see a smiling face that they're use to will be helpful."

The property that the Shell Service Station currently sits on is owned by the Bishop Estate who has only offered the company a short term lease because of plans to redevelop the area.

"Bishop Estate is a business and they make business decisions and we're a business and we've made the business decision that we have stayed open as long as we can," Snow said. "But we cannot continue on a short lease so it's best for us to pull out now."

All business aside, Snow says she will miss the relationship she has with the Shell employees and the community.

"My employees are like family to me so the hardest thing was telling them," Snow said. "It's hard to tell the customers and we get mixed reactions from them."

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