Movie Review: WISH I WAS HERE

Movie Review: WISH I WAS HERE

The new comedy-drama called WISH I WAS HERE was written by Zach Braff and his brother Adam who just happens to live in Hawaii.

And the money to make this movie came from 47,000 people who contributed to its Kickstarter campaign online.

Ten years ago actor-director Zach Braff made GARDEN STATE, a popular film about the   problems of single people in their twenties. WISH I WAS HERE is the first film he's made since then, and not surprisingly, this one is about the problems of married people in their thirties.

It's a heartfelt, sincere movie that wants to make you laugh and cry and think about how fast time goes by.

Braff is Aidan, an unemployed actor, who has a difficult relationship with his father Gabe played by Mandy Patinkin. They are standing in Aidan's backyard next to a swimming pool with nothing in it but some mud.

Gabe: Pool looks good. What are you growing--typhoid or hepatitis? What's goin' on with the fence? You got a nice little slice of Mumbai back here, Aidan.

Aidan: The yard has been this way ever since we moved in. Are you gonna comment on it every time you see it?

Aidan is also the father of two young kids. His wife Sarah, well played by Kate Hudson, is the breadwinner in the family, working at a job she doesn't like.

As if Aidan didn't have enough challenges, he now learns that his father has terminal cancer and can't afford to keep paying his kids' private school tuition.

Gabe: I'm gonna be laid up for awhile. Gonna need you to watch the dog.

Aidan: This is so much bad news at once.

Aiden's ne'er-do-well brother is no help at all.

Aidan: This is our father. You have to rally with me.

Noah: Absolutely not.

The overall situation isn't helped by Aidan's rebellious daughter who cuts off almost all of her hair.

The plot of WISH I WAS HERE may sound like some sorry soap opera, but it's not. Instead, it offers a hopeful, optimistic take on almost every situation.

Aidan (in a wig shop with his daughter): You can pick any one you want just as long as it's unique and amazing like you.

The next shot shows them walking down the street with the girl sporting a purple wig.

WISH I WAS HERE tries to do a little too much for a single movie, but the acting is good, the comedy actually works, and the drama is sincere and heartfelt.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.