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Your Week in Viral Videos: 'Everything is great'

Vacations don't always go as planned, so you just have to make the best of it. Vacations don't always go as planned, so you just have to make the best of it.

(RNN) – If you haven’t yet taken one, a summer vacation is likely in your future.

It’s a great opportunity to escape work, get a misspelled T-shirt, have your identity stolen and start a zombie apocalypse.

No vacation ever really goes the way you think it will and despite how much you want to escape work, sometimes your boss shows up on the beach while you’re dancing with your friends and fires you because you weren’t supposed to be taking a vacation in the first place. (Oops. Retroactive spoiler alert.)

But everything’s OK, because you’re on vacation.

How low can you go?

Limbo roller skating is apparently a thing that exists and there is a 6-year-old who is so good at it he can skate under a bar the height of a Coca-Cola bottle.

That’s only 10 inches, so watch this video and be impressed by and jealous of this little dude.

Renaissance vs. reptiles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles popped up in a few odd places this week from a Wil Wheaton fake movie trailer about stuff from the 90s that conveniently reminded you he still exists to the panel of kids who reacts to stuff not liking the old turtles.

But the most popular thing was the most popular thing on YouTube: Epic Rap Battles of History. ERB put the Ninja Turtles against the real life artists they were named for and it’s drawn 15 million views in 12 days.

The turtles hold their own, but the artists bring the pain with a shoutout to a video game that was notoriously difficult and by name-dropping their masterpieces as insults. You don’t really want to step to da Vinci. (WARNING: It is apparently impossible for ERB to create a clean video.)

White, dark or both?

Birds are weird. They’re a little creepy and will fight each other – and you – over a piece of stale bread. However, they taste good if you get the type of meat you like eating.

Have you ever wondered why certain parts of a bird have different types of meat? It all has to do with what the muscle you’re eating did. The science stuff is in the video, but the simple version is the muscles that the bird uses to fly are white because of a colorless chemical in them while the other muscles have different chemicals with dark pigmentation.

As an added bonus, the video also explains why red meat is red. The simple explanation for that is because it’s basically just both types of muscles woven together.

Animal of the Week

Poor Casey was separated from a member of her family for two years. Once they were reunited, there was a lot of crying, laughing and fainting. Everyone seems to be fine, but momentary health scare aside, no one is happier than Casey, who is a dog.

More stuff for when you’re bored

A video’s popularity isn’t just expressed in views. There are also “likes” on YouTube. What are the most “liked” videos on YouTube? Good question. Here’s the answer.

A woman on a kayak was looking at whales and decided to get a better look. She got a little more than she wanted when the whales lifted her up out of the water. Don’t kayak near whales.

The Queen’s guards decided to play the Game of Thrones theme song and people prone to freaking out freaked out.

The Washington, DC, subway system opened a new line, but despite it being another four years before it reaches Dulles airport and the expectation of additional rush hour crowding, the city desperately wants you to believe people are excited about it.

Pandas don’t have a very good sense of balance.

For some rejected videos, including a cats losing to a dog and a fake cat and Morgan Freeman on helium, visit Twitter at @BNT_RNN. If you see a video that you think is worthy of next week's compilation, feel free to share it either on Twitter or through email at the link at the top of the article.

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