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Paul Steur Publishes New Blog Post on Pressure Washers

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Find out how to best get rid of moss on a driveway. Blog post revealing the use of a pressure washer to clean a driveway. Dissuades from useing chemicals. Lists many other considerations.

July 26, 2014

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – July 26th, 2014 /PressCable/ — Paul Steur published his new blog post today: The best way to get rid of moss on a driveway. This blog post reveals the use of a pressure washer to clean a driveway and is about not using chemicals for such a project.
As we have enough chemicals in our environment already, the use of a pressure washer is promoted to clean a driveway, amongst other things around the house. Using a pressure washer that way however, needs to be done the right way, as careless use could result in damage. The angle of the spray lance is typically the most important item to take into consideration when using this type of equipment.
Other uses of a pressure washer, once acquired, include cleaning the BBQ, the lawn furniture, the garbage cans, the windows, a concrete block foundation (if there is one), garage floors (including those nasty oil stains), engine bays, engines themselves, decking, pavement etcetera etcetera.
However, in general it could be said that pressure washers are amongst the ‘misunderstood devices’. People purchase them believing that they will certainly clean anything simply by aiming the nozzle at it. Not so, unfortunately.
The first pressure washers out there were offered to gas station to initially clean customer’s engine bays and the engines themselves. Then they were also used to wash the floors. These devices were nothing like the ones you can but today. They looked more like a 45 gallon water heater on casters and had an air-powered pressure pump stuck into the warm water tank. Normally a special cleaning agent was added into that water tank due to the fact that to get rid of grease efficiently, something was needed to help liquefy the grease plus warm water and pressure to finish the job.
There is a big difference in applying a pressure washer with cold – or with hot water. And while many cold water pressure washers sold today have an injector hose that enables the user to add cleaning agents to the water stream, one can wonder how many people take the trouble of reading their user’s manual and afterwards use this feature.
The blog post continues with numerous other thoughts about the use of a pressure washer.
Paul Steur, owner of, says many people struggle with really understanding the correct use of pressure washers. This blog post, and others on his site, gives solid information that’s not usually shared openly in the cleaning industry.
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