Three groups of robbers hitting businesses

Three groups of robbers hitting businesses

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu Police spoke for the first time about the recent rash of robberies.

Major Lester Hite says the department needs the public's help to solve the dozens of cases.

There are three groups of thieves.

The first is targeting banks. The heavily armed duo hit three banks but haven't surfaced since late May.

Another robber is holding up fast food restaurants and have hit several times in recent days all in the Central Oahu area. He's described as scrawny wearing baggy clothes.

A third man is responsible for the majority of the cases. He hits 24-hour stores.

The man uses a black hoodie. He sometimes also uses a hat or bandana. Hawaii News Now first told you about him weeks ago. The cocky crook hasn't hit since July 1, when he robbed the Longs in Manoa and talked trash to the clerk saying police weren't going to catch him. He took three weeks off before hitting again Friday morning. Two stores, one in Mililani, the other in Waikiki were robbed in the early morning hours. HPD have spent a lot of overtime trying to catch the man but admit, they have few leads.

"He's very calm in the store," says Major Hite, "As soon as he exits... He tends to run."

And Major Hite says no one has reported seeing him get into a getaway car.

Business robberies are up this year. HPD hopes tips will come in so they can start making arrests.

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