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OCCC escape attempt quickly stopped by corrections officers

The fence line Teisina scaled in attempt to escape The fence line Teisina scaled in attempt to escape
Warden Francis Sequera Warden Francis Sequera
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

By: Jon Rombaoa

Thanks to the alertness and quick response by adult correction officers in the tower and on the ground, an escape attempt at Oahu Community Correctional Center was thwarted.

On Thursday, July 24 at approximately 9:40 a.m., inmate Chad Teisina attempted to escape by scaling a 16-foot-tall fence in the outdoor recreational area that also had razor wire on the top.

One of the corrections officers who was manning the tower saw Teisina running across the recreation yard towards the fence, and immediately notified the officers on the ground.

The officers in the recreation area called for backup while running after Teisina, and other correctional officers surrounded the fence from both sides before Teisina could make it to the top.

"Teisina tried to escape in broad daylight," said Public Safety Director Ted Sakai. "We don't know why they do impulsive things like this but this is the type of person our corrections officers deal with every day and I commend our staff for a job well done in keeping the safety and security of our facilities."

There were 84 other inmates at the time of his attempted escape and Teisina suffered puncture wounds to his body from the razor wire and was transported to a nearby hospital before being transported back to OCCC.

Warden Francis Sequera was glad to have some good publicity after the numerous escapes from OCCC and work furloughs in past months.

"I think that in lieu of negative coverage that has come our way I think that this is extremely positive and our officers do numerous things a thousand things correctly," said Sequera  

Teisina will face institutional misconduct and criminal charges for the attempted escape.

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