Office of Hawaiian Affairs delays nation-building

Office of Hawaiian Affairs delays nation-building

HONOLULU (AP) - The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is delaying its government-building process by six months.

The Star-Advertiser reported Friday that elections for officers to lead a Native Hawaiian government will be held in January instead of between May and September.

A convention to draft a new constitution for Native Hawaiians will be held in April instead of October or November.

Chairwoman Colette Machado says the new timetable will help the office build a stronger governing entity embraced by all people.

CEO Kamanaopono Crabbe says the delay will enable more people to participate and learn about the issues.

Former OHA trustee Walter Ritte is disappointed because he wants a longer delay.

The Board of Trustees rejected Crabbe's proposal to start a new registry of Native Hawaiians who would be eligible to vote.

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