Michael Balasi relishes the mentality of being the "Blue Collar Boxer"

Michael Balasi relishes the mentality of being the "Blue Collar Boxer"

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The lifestyle surrounding pro sports isn't always glitz and glamour. For many -- like boxer Michael Balasi -- it's about working two jobs, logging 55-hours a week, just to make ends meet.

Then, finding the energy to train full time. All the while hoping your phone rings, just to get another shot.

"I think that's just how it goes," Balasi says. "They're always trying to call on you, yeah?"

Overcoming obstacles  are why the Kalihi native has been dubbed the "Blue Collar Boxer."

Although, truthfully, his specialty could better be described as a "Hired Gun."

Lately, Balasi has been taking fights at the last minute. In his last bout, Balasi faced Dusty Hernandez with a month's heads up. Balasi lost the six rounder by unanimous decision.

Friday, he'll fight undefeated Jon Garcia (14-0) on short notice. At 33 years old, Balasi's reasons for taking these challenges are simple.

"I said why not, I mean I'm old already." laughs Balasi.  "I want to live my dream one last time before I get too old. I just don't know how much I have left in the tank."

Balasi says his biggest motivation are his children at home. He wouldn't tell me what his expected pay day is, but he said it's more than what he typically makes in a month.

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