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What is Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery in Pittsburgh ?

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Nose surgery also known as Rhinoplasty in Pittsburgh or more casually called a “nose job” is performed through a small incision at the tip or from the inside of the nose to correct the size, width or ridges of the nose.

July 24, 2014

Pittsburgh, USA – July 18th, 2014 /PressCable/ — Nose surgery, also known as Rhinoplasty or more casually called a “nose job” is performed through a small incision at the tip or from the inside of the nose. The main focus of rhinoplasty is to alter the bone and cartilage of one’s nose. A Septoplasty or a nasal surgical procedure performed to correct breathing difficulties, can be performed simultaneously with a Rhinoplasty. This procedure can correct any breathing problems one may have, and is often may be covered by the insurance.Nose surgeries can address many different problems including nose size, width of the bridge of the nose, bumps or ridges in the nose, a large, drooping, or bulbous tip, or any asymmetries. Dr. Wooten a board certified plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh PA is experienced in creating a nose that is congruent with the face.
What exactly can a Rhinoplasty surgery do? It can 1. Correct the size of the nose relative to other features of the body. 2. Correct the nose width at the bridge. 3. Correct the nasal tip if it is large or deformed in any way. 4. Reduce extra large, upturned or wide nostrils. 5. Align the symmetry of the nose. 6. Boost the nose profile by correcting the bumps humps and depressions.
It is also a common practice for the plastic surgeon to carry out an independent evaluation of the current health status. The purpose is to establish the risk factors and the pre-existing health conditions of the body. In the course of the evaluation, the surgeon may examine the face, photograph the face and nose for the purpose of medical records and discuss the dynamics of the procedure. Amid the discussions and brainstorming, the surgeon will alert the possible risks involved in the procedure, complications that may arise and suggest the options available for reshaping the nose. For more information contact a plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh PA.

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