Deedy Retrial: Federal Agent's friend knew Deedy was armed

Adam Gutowski said he knew Christopher Deedy was carrying a gun when Deedy and Kollin Elderts squared off in a Waikiki McDonald's in 2011, minutes before a fatal shooting.

Gutowski and Deedy ended up at the fast food restaurant on Kuhio Avenue after a night of partying, because Gutowski wanted to eat chicken McNuggets.

He told a jury in Deedy's murder retrial that he had learned Deedy was wearing a firearm when he patted him on the back. He said he doesn't remember all the details, but he does remember feeling uneasy when he saw Deedy and Elderts exchanging words, especially when he figured out Elderts knew Deedy was armed.

"Having heard him acknowledge that Chris had a gun, to me it seemed he wasn't frightened by it. It actually seemed to make him more aggressive. That's when I got very nervous and I felt like I needed to get involved. I came in. Put my hands up. I was afraid something bad was going to happen," Gutowski said.

He told the jury that when he tried to intervene, Elderts hit him on the head. He didn't see the shooting but heard the shots, then saw Elderts lying in a pool of blood.

Gutowski said he nudged Elderts' body and saw he wasn't moving. He left the restaurant and did not call police.

Deedy is accused of murdering Elderts. The federal agent claims self-defense.

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