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Amazon Bestseller How to Calculate Design Fees helped 10.000 users

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“Calculate Design Fees” (Book) and the apps “Design Fee”, “Web Fee” helped 10.000+ users to estimating design, calculate quotes, adjust their hourly rate and negotiate contracts.

Berlin, Germany – July 24, 2014

/PressCable/ — Designers Inn announces its 10.000 milestone for users/readers of its book “Calculate Design Fees” and apps “Design Fee” and “Web Fee”. In celebration of this major event, Designers Inn invests in new Updates and features. “Design Fee” is based on more than 10 years of practical experience of Marco Linke as a freelance designer. This small guide helps beginning and experienced graphic and web designers, copywriters and concept designers to properly assess jobs and estimate profitable services. Details can be found on the website:

Calculate Design Fees has attracted users who are interested in that design product. The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including “Create quotes easy” and “How to Agree usage licenses”.

Marco Linke, CEO and Author, studied law at Humboldt University in Berlin/Germany. After an excursion into the legal practice world, he studied graphic design and founded the advertising agency Artivista. Since then, he has worked in nationwide projects as art director and creative director and provides consulting advice to the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg/Germany. His work has been awarded several prizes, including the International Design Center Berlin, German Association of Industrial Designers VDID, Media Design School in Berlin and the AGD Alliance of German Designers. In 2010, his work was nominated by the German Design Council for the “Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany”.

In his book he gives his knowledge and practical experience on short and to the point. He has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of his book Calculate Design Fees. He ist glad, that this little book can help so many people, trying to calculate graphic design and web design:

“Calculate how much a design project will cost is for every creative a real challenge. The book and the Apps “Design Fee” and “Web Fee” helped more than 10.000 self-employed designers, texters and marketers in estimating their offers. That?s fantastic! The company has worked for 3 years to provide the best products available in this niche. Our apps were promoted as the bestselling productivity apps in german app store. To have so many users who have made this product a part of their daily lives is very exciting and is a motivator to continue to develop new features. In particular, the new version added the following issues: How do I calculate my hourly rate? How do I estimate my (work) effort? What are usage rights and how do I apply them? Even though the basic principles are easily extendable to all service sectors, the practical examples address primarily the creative and marketing sector. ”

People looking for a new Book or Ebook (“Calculate Design Fees”) or App (“Design Fee”, “Web Fee”) are encouraged to take a look at the Website at

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