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New state liquor law changes ways IDs are accepted

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A new state liquor law, which goes into effect on Thursday, could get 21-year-olds scrambling to renew their driver's licenses.

The law states that an "under 21" driver's license, the kind that are formatted vertically, are no longer considered an acceptable type of identification 30 days after the person turns 21.

The law could impact 21-year-olds who still use their vertical driver's licenses as identification to purchase alcohol or enter bars or clubs.

Arizona driver's licenses do not necessarily expire when a person turns 21.

Jonathan Graham, a manager at Frog and Firkin on Main Gate Square, said the change could be a headache for students who many not be aware of the change.

"You're going to get a lot of college kids who have been gone all summer, coming back, didn't know about this, first game day, everyone's going to be handing out their IDs," Graham said.

Another concern is having to turn away patrons who were not aware of the change.

"I think in the beginning, it will hurt us a little bit; we'll probably lose some business. But I think a year from now it will probably probably even itself out and be better for everybody," Graham said.

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