Hawaii athletes assemble dream team for Crossfit games

Hawaii athletes assemble dream team for Crossfit games

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Crossfit 808 has assembled a dream team for the Crossfit Games.

Three former women's college basketball stars, Elyse Umeda, Kyla Evers and Brandy Richardson, set the bar high.

Evers explained the team dynamics, saying "we have our little nicknames. Elyse is my little Pony. Elyse is very good at gymnastics, but she's also strong for her size."

The 5-foot tall Crossfit 808 owner Elyse Umeda says, "They expect me to lift just as much as weight as they do."

"I'm the stallion" says Evers. "I'm supposed to do gymnastics and throw around weight and Brandy is the Clydesdale."

"I'm just our big girl trying to move weights" laughs Richardson.

The boys bring balance, with the veteran Joshua Akiona. He says, "You have just a one track focus on what you have to do."

Rich Korth is resident jokester to keep the mood light. "I tell jokes. That's my thing" says Korth.

Adam Jamieson, the rookie to the Games rounds out the team. He told us they all have a role, saying "We all have to do something every workout so we're not dependent on each other. We all have our job."

Richardson got a chuckle when we told her, "The guys say they just try to keep up with you." She responded, "We're a good balance. Our boys they push us, they don't care if we're girls. They come in here and battle us everyday."

Korth added, "Of course we cheer on the girls except when we're here trying to beat them. That never happens."

To bring the team title home to Hawaii, Crossfit 808 strives for consistency over four days of competition.

"For the team, it's just do our own thing" says Akiona.

Uyeda says of the Games competition, "You've got a bunch of really fit athletes out there, they're all trying to crawl and scrape and get to the podium somehow."

Richardson sums up the team's prospects this way, "I think we've definitely earned respect in the crossfit community and we have a target on our back."

You can follow Crossfit 808's progress HERE.

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