Attorney: Kauai GMO, pesticide law protects public

Attorney: Kauai GMO, pesticide law protects public

HONOLULU (AP) - An environmental attorney helping defend Kauai County's ordinance regulating genetically engineered crops and pesticides says the law is meant to protect the public.

Syngenta Seeds, DuPont Pioneer, Agrigenetics Inc., doing business as Dow Agrosciences, and BASF Plant Sciences are suing to keep the ordinance from going into effect in August. They argue the ordinance is invalid and unfairly targets their industry.

Earthjustice attorney Paul Achitoff argues the county has authority to protect health, life and property.

Plaintiffs' attorney Margery Bronster argues counties don't have authority to regulate what's done on agricultural land.

The judge asked attorneys to focus arguments on the issue of whether state and federal laws invalidate Kauai's law.

Some spectators sat on the floor of the crowded Honolulu courtroom to listen to Wednesday's hearing.

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