Republican Cam Cavasso wants to deregulate Hawaii's shipping industry

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Republican candidate Cam Cavasso who is running for the U.S. Senate for the third time, says that if elected, he wants to deregulate Hawaii's shipping industry.

"Right now, Hawaiian Airlines can purchase their ships, their airplanes from anywhere in the world. Why should the federal government tell Matson or Horizon that they must buy their ships from a manufacturing facility in the United States at five times the cost that they would pay out of Australia or China?" he posed.

Cavasso says that allowing the free market to determine the buying decisions of Hawaii's shipping companies will in turn, benefit local families.

"Just that simple change of allowing our shipping companies to buy their ships from anywhere in the world will save the average family in Hawaii $3,000 per year in the cost of living. We need help, and the federal government should not be telling us what we can and cannot do," he said.

Cavasso also talked about growing the local economy by bringing in industries that lead to higher paying jobs.

The former State House representative has stated his position against same-sex marriages: "As goes the family, so goes the state, and the nation, and I will do my best to strengthen families, to give parents the ability to raise their children," he said.

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