Hawaii athletes competing in crossfit games masters championship

Hawaii athletes competing in crossfit games masters championship

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Hawaii athlete who made history in 2010 is looking to do so again.

Matt Beals won the Kaiwi Channel Outrigger Canoe World Championship on a two-man with world famous paraplegic Aussie athlete John Maclean.

Now, Beals has his sights set on a new challenge: the Crossfit Games Masters title.

Beals is ready to bring his A Game to the Crossfit Games. The 47 year old Hawaii Air National Guard fighter pilot is known in the sport as "Captain America."

Beals jokes the Masters is the "old guy division." "I think the younger guys kind of beat their chests a little bit" says Beals. "We've had our successes. We're still trying to compete on a level playing field."

Despite being a relative rookie with 3 years under his belt, Beals took first place in the competitive Northern California Masters regionals.

This is his second trip to Carson for the championship. Last year, he learned the hard way, to pre-book ice baths and massages, between workouts.

As he describes it, "as an older person, recovery is tougher. It's hard to explain to younger athletes how hard it is after taxing workouts. By the third day, I was pretty spent."

Beals trains at Crossfit 808, home to the 2012 Crossfit Games Masters Winner, 62 year old Mary Schwing and alongside the Games bound 808 team, who took 2nd place at their regionals.

Despite his superhero nickname, he says about training around superstars in the sport, "A lot of times I leave here kind of dejected. I thought I was a pretty elite athlete, but then I realize these are the best in the world."

Beals and Schwing are competing July 22-24th.

Some fun facts about Matt Beals. He can deadlift 425 pounds and do 50 pull ups.

Some fun facts about Mary Schwing. She can deadlift 220 pounds and back squat 140 pounds.

You can follow their progress HERE.

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