Local Connection: New Aloha Stadium

Local Connection: New Aloha Stadium

By: Rick Blangiardi

There’s no argument that Aloha Stadium's days are numbered, but the proposal to build a new 30,000-seat stadium, should simply be, in my opinion, a non-starter if the University of Hawaii plans on competing against FBS division 1-a teams in the future. There are a few schools in major conferences with small stadiums such as Washington State’s martin stadium in the Pac-12 which seats about 35,000 (the Pac 12 stadium average is just under 60,000).

Admittedly the Pac-12 is a major football conference, however, we have scheduled teams from these conferences in the past, and looking forward, we have scheduled three Pac-12 teams this fall.

Ok, what about the mountain west, our current conference for football …

• Utah State has the smallest stadium - Romney stadium, built in 1968 seats about 25,000.  The mountain   west 12-team conference averages 40,000.

• Wyoming plays in war memorial stadium built in 1950 and seats 29,000.

• San Jose state's Spartan stadium opened in 1933 and seats slightly less than 30,000.

• Nevada’s stadium, MacKay stadium, was built in 1966 and seats about 30,000.

Perhaps this is the vision of the current athletic director and chancellor - build a new stadium in this century that competes favorably with the thinking from 1933, 1950, or even 1966.

There isn't a city in the mountain west conference, including San Diego that can compete with the magic of Hawaii, and the incredible potential of our future.

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