Local Connection: Abercrombie Ige Televised Debate

Local Connection: Abercrombie Ige Televised Debate

By: Rick Blangiardi

We are proud to have hosted the only governor's debate on commercial television with the Honolulu star-advertiser.

Governor Abercrombie and State Sen. David Ige finally mixed it up with moderator Tannya Joaquin.  We believe voters were well served to see who the democratic nominee should be.

This particular race is a little unusual in that an incumbent democratic governor is being challenged in the primary, and even though Ige has been heavily outspent by the sitting governor, he is either running neck and neck or has a lead in the race, depending on the poll.

Abercrombie, as always, had mastery of the facts and details but Ige often punched back hard, repeatedly saying the governor had failed as a leader.

They tangled on early childhood initiatives, the Hawaii health connector, growth in Kaka’ako and the state budget.

It was interesting to note, however, they also agreed on some of the issues.

Ige successfully portrayed himself as a credible alternative.

Abercrombie, with his experience and vast war chest, may be difficult to beat, but at least we saw a little democracy in action and our hope is that it will bring voters to the polls.

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