Deedy retrial reaching critical juncture

The state is close to resting its case in the murder retrial of U.S. State Department agent Christopher Deedy.
Nearly all of Tuesday's testimony came from retired Honolulu police detective Theodore Coons. He was in charge of the investigation into the fatal shooting of Kollin Elderts in a Waikiki McDonald's in 2011. Deedy claims he shot Elderts in self-defense.

Coons told the jury that he ordered a police investigator to record "personal observations" she made of Deedy when she processed him at The Queen's Medical Center.

"The crime scene unit was not to include their personal observations. It was only to document evidence recovered and tests that they actually performed. In this case I felt it was very important for those observations to be included," Coons told prosecutor Janice Futa.
She alleges that Deedy was drunk and instigated an argument with Elderts that turned physical.  Deedy insists he was not intoxicated.

Defense attorney Thomas Otake countered that Coons asked the investigator for her observations months after the shooting. He also zeroed in on a statement in the final report that police detective Peter Boyle and Coons signed. It has to do with a frame in the McDonald's surveillance video that is key to the case.

"You both signed it and it says at 2:40:54 Deedy appears to badge Elderts. Yes?" Otake asked.

"Yes. That's what the report says. Yes," Coons answered.

Deedy maintains he identified himself to Elderts as law enforcement before the scuffle. Futa said he did not.

McDonald's customer Alexander Byrd will be on the witness stand Wednesday.

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