Ex-soldier hasn't decided whether he'll appeal

Ex-soldier hasn't decided whether he'll appeal

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Lawyers for a former Hawaii-based soldier who avoided a death sentence for his 5-year-old daughter's death want him to consult with an appellate attorney before deciding whether to appeal his murder conviction.

Naeem Williams' defense team filed an update with the court Friday saying he hasn't made a final decision about an appeal.

Death Penalty Information Center Executive Director Richard Dieter says it's a weighty decision that could re-expose him to another death penalty trial.

Jurors convicted Williams of murder in his daughter's 2005 beating death but couldn't agree on whether his sentence should be death or life in prison without possibility for release.

Dieter explains that if Williams' appeal is successful and his conviction is overturned, the federal government would have the option of seeking the death penalty again.

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