Emotional testimony by key witness in Deedy murder retrial

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Shane Medeiros says he was in a great mood on November 5, 2011. He and his childhood friend, Kollin Elderts, had been partying all night and into the early morning hours. They were grabbing a bite at the McDonald's in Waikiki.

"Kollin stated joking around," says Medeiros, who told the jury that his friend made the restaurant workers laugh.

Medeiros says he also started joking with a customer, but that turned into a confrontation and Christopher Deedy intervened.

Deedy and Elderts began fighting.  Medeiros was involved in another fight that spilled outside the restaurant.  When he heard three gunshots, he ran back into the restaurant to find his friend had been shot in the chest.

Medeiros cried as he told the court that he didn't know Elderts died until hours later, after he was interviewed by an HPD detective.

Deedy's attorney says the shooting was in self defense.

The first trial ended with a mistrial when the jury couldn't reach a verdict.

The prosecution could rest early next week.

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