Pupukea thief confesses, apologizes

Pupukea thief confesses, apologizes
Dean Jay Fick
Dean Jay Fick

PUPUKEA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Pupukea resident Dean Jay Fick was fed up.

“It’s a violation! She violated me!  If she’s going to willingly break into my mailbox, who knows what somebody’s going to do to my house?” he said.

Fick’s mailbox had been repeatedly vandalized, nine times in three weeks by his account.  In an effort to stop the repeat crime, he had a $1000 dollar security camera professionally installed in late June.  The very next day, just before 5 p.m., the surveillance footage showed a female approach the mailbox, attempt to break the flag, then steal the contents.

“I’m going to prosecute you, and teach her a lesson not to do that to anyone’s mailboxes” Fick told Hawaii News Now.

After our initial interview, Fick’s wife emerged from her house, claiming one of her neighbor’s called her.  She said the neighbor’s daughter had seen herself on the surveillance footage, which was aired by Hawaii News Now, and wanted to confess.

Within minutes, a vehicle driven by the neighbor pulled in to the Fick driveway, driven by the mother.  Her teenage daughter was with her.

Over the ensuing minutes, a Hawaii News Now camera recorded the apology and confrontation.

The teenager apologized, and her mother said she will reimburse Fick for the damage done.  Fick accepted both.

“If she was an adult I would definitely prosecute her but she's a minor, maybe she'll learn a lesson not to do this to people's mailboxes and come to her senses" Fick said in amazement.

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