Maui woman's mom hopes to prevent vanishing cases

Maui woman's mom hopes to prevent vanishing cases

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MAKAWAO, Hawaii (AP) - The mother of a pregnant Maui woman whom authorities say was killed says she hopes the search effort helps prevent people from mysteriously vanishing in the future.

Carly Scott's mother Kimberlyn Scott says the organization of Maui Search and Rescue sends a message to attackers that they can't get away with making people disappear.

Carly "Charli" Scott went missing in February. Her former boyfriend Steven Capobianco has been indicted on charges of killing her in an especially heinous way. He pleaded not guilty this week.

Scott's disappearance prompted family and friends to start searching, but they had no formal team to work with on a large scale search.

Cofounder Jeff Simon says that's how Maui Search and Rescue was born, and the nonprofit has received more calls to help others.

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