Hawaii's Carissa Moore takes on the red carpet and ESPY's

Carissa Moore takes on the Red Carpet and ESPY's

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - When you've won two world championships by 21 years old, there shouldn't be much that intimidates you.Not the case for surfer Carissa Moore. The humble girl from Palolo Valley will don the red carpet Wednesday for the ESPY awards. The Punahou alum is one of four nominees up for the "Best female action sports athlete."

"Whatever happens i'm just really happy to be nominated amongst those kinds of athletes." says Moore. "Just to experience that is kind of amazing."

She may feel like a fish out of water standing next to the likes of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning or Cavaliers star Lebron James, but there's no mistaking she belongs in the water.

Moore is on pace to compete for her third ASP world title, and while she appears to be beyond her years...

"I don't feel like a grizzled vet, but there is that younger generation that is starting to come up. And I know at some point i'm going to have to pass the torch on."

Whenever she is ready to move on, moore could take her talents out of the water and into a recording studio.

She just made her debut on iTunes this week, as a cameo, with singer Kevin Okimoto from Opihi Pickers.

"I have the worst fear of singing in front of people so, I actually sang at Sugar Rays a few weeks ago. There was like 2 or 3 people in the room. It went good. But then I sang another song and totally choked. So, i'm still working up to my stage presence."

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