Kailua sinkhole creates big problems

Kailua sink hole creates big problems

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Contractors for the City and County of Honolulu wedged massive machinery along the side of Kailua Road Tuesday.

The equipment is all part of the battle to fix and fill a sinkhole that opened up just past the intersection of Kailua Road and Hamakua Drive.

First reported Friday as a pothole, the sinkhole has grown. With repair crews firmly entrenched at the site and traffic backing up, businesses are feeling the pinch.

"We should be at least half full right now" said Chef/Owner of Cactus restaurant John Memering. His ideal location on the corner is now all but hidden by the equipment.

"What do you do? We can't close. It'd be nice to take a quick vacation, but unless somebody's going to give me free rent and pay my utilities...it isn't going to happen" he continued.

The City is attacking the problem by giving the okay for crews to work around the clock to complete the task.

"24/7, so hopefully, maybe less than a week but it's a big job" said Mark Yonamine, Acting Director of the Department of Design and Construction.

Complicating the process is the fact that the water table is only six feet below the surface, while the busted sewer pipe is 20 feet down.

Repair workers will inject concrete into the soil to create a 'tub' around the pipe. From there they will be able to assess the damage and make the necessary fixes without having to deal with the water.

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