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Republican Senate hopeful Harry Friel Jr. addresses youth of Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Running for the U.S. Senate for the fourth time, Republican candidate Harry Friel Jr. says the future of the islands rests on the youth of Hawaii.

During an interview with Keahi Tucker of Hawaii News Now, Friel addressed the youth of Hawaii. "You are extremely important in the overall scheme of things in Hawaii," he said. "You play an important role in salvation so to speak, a lot of generations are competitive. Hawaii students are very important to Hawaii and so I think your self esteem, how you handle yourself and the belief that we have in our students, stay in chaste and wait until the right time to get married, doing your studies with the best excellence that you possibly can along the lines of excellence." 

Friel also talked about the importance of dealing with the homelessness issue in Hawaii.

"The importance is having that balance and that we're only as strong as our weakest link here on the islands. And what we're seeing here on the islands because that issue is not being addressed correctly, it is recurring and it's adverse effects on our tourism and our hotel industry. So we're measured in large part in how we treat the least in our society." 

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