Hawaii musician's twist on ice challenge craze

Hawaii musician's twist on ice challenge craze

KAKAAKO (HawaiiNewsNow) - A local music producer has come up with his own twist on the ice challenge craze. Instead of calling people out, he is hoping to inspire compassion in others. He recruited a couple of fellow musicians to help with his mission. After passing homeless people in Kakaako day after day, Shawn Pimental decided to take action.

"I'd see these children playing on their bikes and just basically living out at the park. It's hard to walk by that every day and drive by that every day, especially when you have children that are the same age," said Pimental.

Instead of writing a check to a charity, he bought a bunch of pizzas and headed to Kakaako Waterfront Park. Fellow musicians Kealii Reichel and Ho'o Apo helped pass them out to needy families.

"An act of charity doesn't have to be something huge, you know? It doesn't have to be a monetary act. It just has to be something simple. I think when you keep it simple like that, it's more heartfelt," said Pimental.

They also gave away a $100 gift card to Walmart. Pimental hopes that others will be inspired to perform simple acts of service.

"We play music for a living. We get applauded every day for something that's so small compared to social workers and people that work in shelters that help people like this, people in need," he said. "If you take five minutes of your time to do something for someone else that needs help, that's beautiful, it's a beautiful thing."