Van Tanabe sees future with Ohana Lottery

Van Tanabe sees future with Ohana Lottery

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Van Tanabe says he's frustrated with a government that does nothing about any of Hawaii's problems. In fact, he says some of the problems have gotten much worse since our current governor took office.

Tanabe says he has the solutions to all the major issues facing the state through the "Ohana Lottery." He says the lottery, for Hawaii residents only, will generate $30 million a month to help local families, and address the state's recurring issues of affordable housing, education and homelessness.

"We always talk about affordable housing, you know. If we can generate upwards of $200 million annually, quite simply we can build a 100 affordable homes a year for the people," he said. "It'd be the same home that the private developers build. The only difference is the state is not trying to make a big profit or a killing. We're just trying to provide a service for the people of Hawaii," he said.

He says the homeless issue is at a critical stage right now, and it's more than just taking them off the streets. "We need to help them to become productive citizens in our society," he said.

Another thing that the state faces right now, says Tanabe, is affordable long-term health care.

"That's something that nobody wants to talk about because nobody has a solution. And I, again through the Ohana Lottery, intend on building senior centers on every neighborhood from Hilo to Hanalei because our kupuna, well, they need to stay in the neighborhoods that they lived in all their lives."

That way, it keeps them close to family and friends, he says, and makes it easier for them to visit.

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