American Cancer Society questions 'viral' ice challenge

American Cancer Society questions 'viral' ice challenge

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It is one of the latest viral sensations. It's the ice challenge. Whether on YouTube or Facebook, scores of people can be seen having ice cold buckets of water dumped on them, all in the name of cancer awareness. The participants challenge other people to do the same, or make a donation.

The practice is receiving some criticism, however, from an unlikely source.

"I will tell you, I have a few misgivings about the activity" said Erin Moncada, the Senior Director of Community Engagement for the American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific.

She speaks not only from a professional platform, but a personal one as well.

"I am a breast cancer survivor who this June celebrated 15 years of breast cancer survivorship" she said.

Moncada explained that she understands the intent of the challenge, but questions the method.

"The ice bucket has been likened to the shock of a cancer treatment, but as a cancer survivor myself, I have to question that analogy a little bit. Going through a cancer journey is a much more profound and painful in many many more ways".

Additionally, Moncada said the local chapter of the American Cancer Society really hasn't seen an increase of donations in the wake of the campaign. While she and the Society appreciate the sincerity of the effort, she says there are better ways to help out.

"Through Relay for Life, through Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, through volunteering, there are so many opportunities just by calling local American Cancer Society office".

The local office can be reached at 808-595-7544, or online at

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