Murder retrial focuses on Deedy's injuries and alleged drunkenness

March for Kollin Elderts

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The emergency room doctor who treated Christopher Deedy testified that the only notable injury he suffered was tenderness to the bridge of his nose.

"Was this a life threatening injury?" Prosecutor Janice Futa asked.

"A broken nose? No," Perry answered.

Perry was testifying for the prosecution in Deedy's murder retrial. The U.S. State Department special agent is accused of fatally shooting Kollin Elderts during a scuffle in a Waikiki McDonald's restaurant in November 2011. Deedy said he shot Elderts in self-defense.

In his cross-examination defense attorney Thomas Otake pressed Peery on whether Deedy was drunk when he examined him."You did not have any reason to believe that he was intoxicated, correct?" Otake asked.

"I don't have anything documented to suggest that he was intoxicated," Perry said.

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