Dr. Keanu Sai discusses existence of Hawaiian kingdom

Dr. Keanu Sai discusses existence of Hawaiian kingdom

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The debate over whether native Hawaiians should fight for sovereignty continues, and during the gubernatorial debate on Hawaii News Now between Governor Neil Abercrombie and state Senator David Ige, Governor Abercrombie stated that the Hawaiian kingdom does not exist.

While it may have not been a big shock to some, the governor's comments have created discussions throughout communities and social media, with some stating his comments are ignorant and he is unaware of Hawaii's history. 

Political scientist Dr. Keanu Sai has completed doctoral research that is mainly focused on Hawaii's continued existence as an independent and sovereign country, and has also had success in the Hawaii State Supreme Court concerning the dispute between the Hawaiian kingdom and the active government.

Steve Uyehara was joined on Sunrise by Dr. Keanu Sai, who shared his thoughts and comments.

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